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Seized Bolt Removal: How to Remove Crank pulley bolt EASY! breaking threadlocker

Published on 28 Nov 2018 / In How-to & Style

Seized Bolt Removal: After years of working on cars i can share with you some mechanic hack tricks and tips to make your work easier!

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Removal of the crank bolt made easy! Mechanic Life Hack, removing or loosening a stuck seized or thread used with thread loving sealant.
Confirmed from several sources that the 22mm bolt retaining the Harmonic Balancer has a Torque setting of 330nm/243ft/lbs.
As the car is Auto you cannot simply place in gear - and hang off a breaker bar with 2m of pipe - you either have to lock the harmonic balancer using a tool (which i made to reinstall), remove the starter motor and lock the ring gear or use the drive belt as i have used here. the RE INSTALLATION PROCESS is in the following link:

I originally got the idea from this video:

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